Een persbericht dat het moest bewijzen kwam naar buiten voor het rapport waar het op gebaseerd is, verscheen in een fatsoenlijk blad.

De internationale food & health coryfee Marion Nestle uit New York weet dan ook niet wat ze moet zeggen. Dat meldde vrijdag. zei het rustiger, maar venijniger:

In a blog post (loftily entitled, “Through Commitment with the Partnership for a Healthier America, Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Members Exceed Their Calorie Reduction Goal By 400%), Let’s Move’s Executive Director Sam Kass said he was “thrilled” with the results. Of course he is. Because when Michelle Obama stands side by side with the likes of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, the White House needs positive results to back up its let’s-work-with-industry game plan.

Wherever the pressures were coming from, a foundation as influential as Robert Wood Johnson, one that prides itself on “research and evaluation” and who claims that “our work is published in peer-reviewed journals” should live up to its own promises. While it’s predictable that the food industry would release self-serving data without credible backing, we should expect more from a leading foundation. When the results are finally published, then let’s take a closer look.

Zouden bijvoorbeeld public health professor Jaap Seidell of obesitasbehandelaar Frank van Berkum hier durven te speculeren over wat er aan de hand is daar in de VS?

Fotocredits: Franklin Heijnen
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