In 2017 Foodlog organized the new course Philosophy of Nutrition.

Data for 2018 will be announced later.

Towards a more effective field of study
Philosophy of Nutrition is intended for professionals, researchers and PhD students who work in the fields of food, health and nutrition. It is for those who need to understand why their claims to truth are disputed and who want to learn how to increase the relevance and impact of their research.

Objective, methodology & protocol
What is healthy food? An alarming number of influential critics reject the authority of science in answering that simple question. Why do they convince large audiences? Are they just 'plain wrong' or should mainstream science feel a bit more uncomfortable?

It is time to examine the nutritional sciences themselves.

How are the objectives of the nutritional sciences defined? What methodology do they use? What claims to knowledge do they make and how does this knowledge grow?

How is science used as a base for the nutritional work of dieticians, doctors and lifestyle coaches? How is this protocolled? Why or why not are their practices effective?

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